Oh Beautiful Brains
Based in Seoul, South Korea

Founding date:
July 1, 2016

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Tentis Drop
Tentis Minute
Tentis Puzzle

Yulgokro 13-gagil 22-7 2F
Seoul, South Korea

+82 (0) 10 6638 6573


Oh Beautiful Brains - Mobile Gaming with a touch of Brain Training, is an independent one man game studio, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Fact : brains are beautiful. And we think that making them game and develop is one of the coolest thing that can happen on a personal and global level. Our goal !


Genesis - David Choi's story

Studio's history is above all the dev's story! As a French Korean kid, I always loved video games and was fascinated by them. I graduated as a French engineer, expert in E-commerce tech and eventually became Project Manager in France. Then I left for Korea to start this challenge and dream. I am a fan of puzzle games in general, where the sheer force of brain muscle is celebrated - which is why I love the cleverly designed and innovative ones that appear in the current mobile landscape.


The goal of Oh Beautiful Brains is to provide mobile games that can challenge and push our brains to the limit for very rewarding experiences, for all ages, kids included. We want to be distinct from any kind of "puzzle" game that try to exploit and manipulate human psyche and addictions for a direct profit. We want to make games that push for and trigger regular eureka moments through gameplay, because we believe that making our brains work is what makes us particularly beautiful. Thus, we have released our first title: Tentis Puzzle for iOS and Android, a fun and innovative game mashing up match 3 and math into challenging and brainful puzzles! May your beautiful brain be with you!



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David Choi
Founder & Creator

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