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Current Status: BETA first round - 04.26.2017 - Tentis Drop is the third game in the Tentis Trilogy, expanding the series with a new gameplay mashup! This time, we wanted to make a tribute to the old and beloved Tetris, in particular its endless drop down challenge, and mix it up with the math & match mechanic of Tentis. It's a really fun and exciting result! The same question will be asked: Can you reach Tentis ?


Tribute to Dear Old Tetris

Tentis Drop development started as a tribute to Tetris, and as such, incorporates many of its famous mechanics: Endless game, a grid overflow means game over, dropping elements, drop speed depending on your level. The big difference is that, instead of making lines like Tetris, you have to make matches like Tentis! If you haven't heard about the first Tentis games, it's alright! it's basically about very simple additions between 1 and 10, and yet quite challenging games (so you think you can add?). Mash it up with the forementioned Tetris mechanics, and you get Tentis Drop! (all three are standalones, so you don't need to play one to play the other) Score as many points as you can before the grid overflows. The end game BEGINS when you reach Level 10, also called... TENTIS.

Three modes (for now)

There are three modes. The first is the vanilla 'Classic' mode, which is the base game, difficulty: Normal. Next is 'Venice' mode, where every tile on the grid wears a mask. You need to match them TWICE. Difficulty: Hard. Final is 'Brawl' mode, where someone invited all the emotions of the previous games. Learn their effects. Difficulty: Very Hard. Different modes with different rules may be added later on. (how about only Angry???)


  • Master an endless high scorer with perpetual wit and smart moves!
  • Always be quick, as the grid fills up fast if you are not careful!
  • Discover 9 special Emotions with varying tile behaviors and which randomly alter the layout of the game
  • With GameCenter/Google Play Leaderboards, compare the sheer force of your brain with those of your friends, and those of the world!


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Current Status Beta
Beta first round subscriptions - closed 04.26.2017 docs.google.com.

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If you are interested in trying this game when there is no beta access, shoot me an email! .

About Oh Beautiful Brains

Oh Beautiful Brains - Mobile Gaming with a touch of Brain Training, is an independent one man game studio, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Fact : brains are beautiful. And we think that making them game and develop is one of the coolest thing that can happen on a personal and global level. Our goal !

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David Choi
Founder & Creator

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks