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February 15th, 2017

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Tentis Minute is an innovative puzzle game for iOS and Android where cute mathematics challenge your brain with literal emotions. Don't get fooled by the cute numbers with cute voices and cute faces... Tentis mashes up numbers with match-3 mechanics, and delivers an endless brain melting math matching madness, with multiple random crazy emotions and a great collection of power ups Can you reach Tentis ?


Basics - Math and Match mechanic - First layer

Tentis Minute is an endless match-3 game where you match groups of identical numbers; the twist is that instead of swapping icons (say, of jewels), you would add the numbers to make the matches. You have 60 seconds (hence MINUTE) to get enough points to reach next stage. Each stage has its set number of points, and upon stage up, the timer is reset to 60 seconds. Matches and Combos are the means by which the player gains points. All matches also give at least one second back to the timer, depending on the size of the match. The bigger the size, the bigger the time earned. The goal is to reach Stage 10, also called TENTIS.

Emotions - Behavioral changes - Second layer

In addition to the math and match mechanic, to spice things up, identities were given to the cards, which are called "Emotions". The objective of the Emotions are twofold. First, they obviously gave life to the cards so that the game could feel lighter and cheerful. But more than that, they also add gameplay-wise, by changing the behavior of the cards and their numbers, and giving the game an extra layer of complexity, over the basic match-3 mechanics. 9 Emotions were thus chosen to be developed (among the 20+ that I had in mind initially). For instance the Masked hides his real number behind a mask, and the player has to not forget to uncover it before making a move. Another example is the Optimist who raises his number every time the player moves. So the player has to take it into account when planning a move for the match.

Powers - Meta Braining - Third layer

Emotions can be used to your own advantages, but more often than not, they are there to add challenges and hurdles to your progression, while yielding better points and time. The further the player stages up, the higher the stage objectives gets, and the more difficult it is to stage up. In order to help in the player's progression, the player must use power ups. Each stage up, the player has the choice between up to three random powers. The player has to choose wisely, so that the chosen powers help the player's progression through points, time and/or emotions. The three random powers are taken randomly from the player's meta collection of powers, expandable through booster packs, that can be bought with in-app purchases but also in game currency. These powers are an intrinsic part of the game, as it is not possible to go very far without them. They offer an extra and deeper layer of gameplay for the player who wants to go further in thinking.


  • Master an endless high scorer to reach each stage under a MINUTE, up to the 10th Stage of Tentis!
  • Discover 9 special Emotions with varying tile behaviors and which randomly alter the layout of the game
  • Collect 105 meta powers and choose them wisely ingame to maximize your chance of success!
  • With GameCenter/Google Play Leaderboards, compare the sheer force of your brain with those of your friends, and those of the world!


Tentis Minute Launch Trailer YouTube


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About Oh Beautiful Brains

Oh Beautiful Brains - Mobile Gaming with a touch of Brain Training, is an independent one man game studio, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Fact : brains are beautiful. And we think that making them game and develop is one of the coolest thing that can happen on a personal and global level. Our goal !

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David Choi
Founder & Creator

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