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31 August, 2016

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Tentis Puzzle is an innovative puzzle game for iOS and Android where cute mathematics challenge your brain with literal emotions. Don't get fooled by the cute numbers with cute voices and cute faces... Tentis mashes up numbers with match-3 mechanics, and delivers brain teasing puzzles that are challenging and satisfying to solve.



In Tentis Puzzle, the mechanics are very simple and yet can become very complex. Also, they are completely new and innovative because no other game has explored this combination of math and match before. But to teach these new mechanics never seen elsewhere, we did not want to create a meaty tutorial, especially because it would have been too hard on a first try. So we created Basic Levels, that teach the mechanics through gameplay, directly with Puzzles, and no instructions, with a very smooth learning curve. Thus, there is no tutorial! You can start the game and understand by yourself the intricacies of the mechanics by solving the gradually harder puzzles. Sometimes through trial and error, but always with a predefined objective and a unique solution.

Challenges - Ultimates

Each Basic Level is presented with a series of about 5 puzzles, to teach and expand on one single basic mechanic. On each of them are presented Challenge Levels and Ultimate Levels. These levels exist to expand even further on the single basic mechanic taught in the Basic Level. After completing one Basic Level, the player has the option to go to the next Basic Level, or to go to the Challenge Level built over it. These Challenge Levels and Ultimate Levels are specially designed Levels that will need extra brain juice from the player.


  • Solve innovative puzzles mashing up Numbers with match-3 mechanics. Should we say Math-3 ? ho-ho-ho
  • Meet the cute mathematics that populate the world of Tentis. Emotions are special identities that change the way you play
  • Discover the game's logic through very easy and seamless tutorial levels
  • Then level up your brain through intricate and complex yet fair puzzles. Satisfying !


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About Oh Beautiful Brains

Oh Beautiful Brains - Mobile Gaming with a touch of Brain Training, is an independent one man game studio, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Fact : brains are beautiful. And we think that making them game and develop is one of the coolest thing that can happen on a personal and global level. Our goal !

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Tentis Puzzle Credits

David Choi
Founder & Creator

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